MULTIVERSE is a group of companies and specialists that address all the project’s dimensions, both with a strong and diversified experience and an innovative attitude.


  • Innovation in project

    Working on different levels at the same time and in an integrated way.
  • Innovation in technologies

    New materials, the use of Information Technology, the integration of energetic and sustainable solutions.
  • Innovation in methodology

    The projects are related to local development policies as well as economic and social ones.


  • It is important to look at the solution not as a simple sum of problems, but as an interaction between different levels.
  • It is necessary to project all the solutions at the same time and to associate each of them with different and specific competencies.
Sara Petrone

Sara Petrone graduated in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Salerno. She earned a 2nd level Master degree in University “La Sapienza” of Rome and belonged to a research team in Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. She works as a freelancer in Salerno in different fields of engineering among which sustainability, environment, energy, waste and hydrogeological risk management.

t: (+39) 3281578036

Salvatore Garzia
Electrical engineer

Salvatore Garzia graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Salerno. He developed several skills in information and communication technology.

t: (+39) 3289216910

Gabriele Rosco
Advisor of Archeology Commission

Gabriele Rosco graduated cum laude in Civil Engineering at the University Federico II of Naples. He was advisor of the Archeology Commission of Salerno Avellino and Benevento.

t: (+39) 333 86 06 749

Antonella Giordano
Post-doctoral Associated Researcher

Antonella Giordano graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Salerno, where she also got a PhD in Structural Engineering.

t: (+39) 349 29 135 08

Monica Sorti

Monica G. Sorti graduated cum laude in Architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome. From the very beginning of her career, she focused on projects related to historical, archeological and natural sites.

t:  (+39) 339 29 795 03

Michele De Biase
Technical Director

The De Biase Costruzioni s.r.l., until 1996, continues the work begun by his predecessors into a mainly cultural growth, specializing in particular sectors, such as the structural rehabilitation, seismic upgrading and the restoration of monuments.

t: (+39) 347 64 85 176